Mysti Curve,

Curved Cross Hatch Rulers

Same Great Handle for doing

Curved Cross Hatching on Blocks,

Circles and more.







Ex Large


Set of 4

Small, Medium, Large and Ex Large.

If Bought Separately  $120.00

All 4 Only $100.00

Measures 8”x 3.5” at base.

Measures 9.5”x 3.5” at base.

Measures 10.75”x 3.5” at base.

Measures 12”x 3.5” at base.

XX Large


Measures 17”x 4” at base.



Measures 19.5”x 4” at base.

Set of 2

If Bought Separately  $104.00

Both XXL and Giant

Only $90.00

Set of 6 MystiCurve Mega Bundle

If Bought Separately  $224.00

Small, Medium, Large, Ex large, XXL and Giant

Only $190.00