Blue Line Eraser Tools

Blue Line Eraser

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From the creator of Blue Line Eraser.....

Once upon a time......

There was a longarm quilter, (that would be me) with a obnoxious, time consuming problem.... removing those %@### blue water soluble marked lines.  Oh, yes the ones that come out with water, (don't make me laugh).  I've sprayed sooo much water it moved the marks to the back of the quilt! ARRRG! 


Blue Line Eraser is born.....

My wildest dream of easily removing water soluble marked lines, arrived! Whoop, Whoop!!  Now when I need to mark, I can with confidence the lines will come out.  "They go away and stay away"......  What?  It's true.... even if you have ironed the lines they will come out using Blue Line Eraser. You're welcome!

FYI:  Test your fabrics with what ever you use to mark your projects. We highly recommend pre-washing  fabrics because of the chemicals used in the dyeing process could react with any of your marking methods.

From Jamie: I only use this product on white fabrics. Never on Colored Fabrics.

Ships in the USA ONLY!