Mystical Feathers 1 & 2 Hands On Zoom Class February 17,18 & 19, 2022 10AM CST Class 2203

  • $150.00

Never let feathers intimidate you again as you join Jamie as He shows you over 20 feather styles and shows you how to apply them to His incredible Feathered E2E designs, Blocks and a few basic borders. From traditional longarm feathers to humpback over the top feathers this class will take your quilting to the next level…..

Then Join Jamie as he continues His feathers series and applies the feathers from “Feathers Class 1” and takes you to a whole new level of feather work with even more fillers, sashes, blocks and borders to showcase your own quilted Masterpieces.


Class info:

Class is presented via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.Student must have a device capable of running zoom with an adequate internet connection.

This is a 3 day hands on Class.

Students may sign on with up to 2 devices if their computer is not in the same room as their machine.

You will receive a link to download and print your handout along with a Zoom link approximately 1 week prior to your class.

Class will start at 10AM Central Time each day and break for lunch at Noon.

Class will restart at 1PM and go to 3PM.

Students will go to their machine in the evening or as needed during class to practice designs.

Class will be available to stream, post class, for 2 weeks.

Class will also be available on a USB drive for a $20 fee.

There are no refunds for class.

If you wish to cancel a class you may transfer to another class or get a gift certificate for our website store with a 15% charge for cancellation.