Pandora's Box Floral / Hand Dye Kit (Kit F1)

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Pandoras Box Floral / Hand dye Queen Size Quilt Kit

This Amazing Quilt Kit includes all the pre-prepped fabric you the piecer needs to create a one of a kind three dimensional Queen size quilt top. The body of the quilt is made up of 70 distinctive illusionary cubes with a distinctive border designed to show off an incredible Quilted Border. It also includes an extra bonus inner border to add the special accent to push this quilt over the top visually by giving it a perfect double frame.

1- A minimum of 219 different precut fabrics for the foundation pieced blocks which will give the piecer a minimum of 70 plus 3 bonus blocks to complete the quilt. (We included the extra bonus blocks so the maker can rest assured that if a mistake is made in the piecing there are 3 backup blocks to guarantee success).

2- Framing fabric to highlight the amazing blocks as well as a bonus inner border to take this amazing quilt top to the next level.

3- Fabric for a single non-seamed 10” wide mitered corner outer border.

4- Quilters Apothecary’s own special pre-printed Foundation Paper Kit.  Also included are the Guide master sheets to make the assembly a breeze. 

5- Patreon members have access to the step-by-step multiple videos instructions which QA strongly suggests are viewed prior to completing each step.