Pro Stitcher 3 Day Virtual Boot Camp March 19, 20 & 21, 2021 10AM Central Time

  • $150.00

Join Jamie as he learns from one of his favorite Handi Quilter National Educators, Megan Best. In this amazing 3 day Virtual Zoom class you will  learn the new PS software along with Pro Stitcher Designer and YES.... Megan's exclusive specialty....embroidery on your Pro Stitcher.

Hands on Virtual! The class will be split into 2 sections each day. We will go over several
concepts, while you work on your computer. We will break for a couple of hours while you
practice, and then come back as a group to discuss the processes. 10 to noonish and then we regroup at 2:30 for an hour or so question and answer and problem solving session. The zoom will stay mostly open for the whole break for any questions. 

Day 1: Pro Stitcher Advanced, including using the newest version. (you can install the beta and then also go back to a previous version!)Beta on your laptop for your simulator 

Day 2: Pro Stitcher Designer: a couple of fun projects that you will design and stitch out! 

Day 3: Embroidery. We will work on a small project that you will finish later. 

Plan to have your machine loaded with light colored fabric and contrasting thread. Your laptop computer should have the Simulator installed with the most current version, and Pro Stitcher designer as well. 

Students will receive link to class and handout file to print a few days prior to class.

Links to Megan Best's Info

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